Setting Up Secondary Insurance Coordination of Benefits (2:52)

Working with secondary insurance presents challenges that can frustrate the most experienced member of your insurance team. There are many clauses and reasons that the secondary uses that make it difficult to figure out what if any benefits will be paid. Dentrix Ascend helps offices accommodate coordination of benefits methods so your claims submissions are more successful and your estimates more accurate.

Watch this video to learn how to set up the secondary insurance plan coordination of benefits. (Duration: 2:52)

Additional Information

  • The secondary plan should explain their coordination of benefits preference when you get the eligibility, but sometimes you may not find out until an EOB comes back, at which point you can adjust the configuration.
  • In the detailed view, if you click the Primary Insurance Portion Remaining amount hypertext, it will also tell you the amount of primary benefits that remain.
  • For more examples of coordination of benefits calculations, read Coordination of benefits.