Updating Fee Schedules from File (3:26)

Offices that work with multiple PPO plans should use fee schedules. With this method, the office team must keep the fee schedules current, update the coverage table accurately, and attach the fee schedule to the insurance plan properly. But updating fee schedules doesn’t have to be a chore! Next time you are ready to update your fee schedules, you have the option to perform the update speedily and in bulk by importing a .CSV file.

Watch this video to learn how to update fee schedules from file. (Duration: 3:26)

Additional Information

  • The procedure code format must exactly match the ADA codes in your Procedure Codes & Conditions page (for example no space allowed between the D and the number).
  • It doesn’t matter if the amount format contains a “$” or not.
  • Your file format and extension must be .CSV, which is an Excel or text file option. Only two columns are required: the procedure code, and the amount. Dentrix Ascend ignores any additional columns of information.
  • If your calculated fee amount extends out several decimals, Ascend rounds the amount up to the nearest cent.
  • Changing a fee schedule does not affect procedures already posted or submitted to insurance. However, if you change the fee in a given fee schedule while logged on to any location, not only is the change accessible across the organization, but the procedure code will be updated for the locations that have that fee schedule as their preferred fee schedule.
  • To learn more about updating fee schedules, read Updating fee schedules.