Processing Denied Claims (1:37)

Delayed, denied, and incorrectly paid claims are, unfortunately, part of doing business with insurance companies. Following up on denied insurance claims is critical to your practices’ bottom line.  Dentrix Ascend provides an interactive list where you can see all the claims for a patient, make corrections, and resubmit or reprint a corrected claim.

Watch this video to learn how to process a denied claim. (Duration: 1:37)

Additional Information

  • On the Insurance Claims page, a paperclip icon means the claim has at least one attachment.
  • Printing a claim automatically generates a status note.
  • Claim tracking can also be started in the Home menu by selecting the Unresolved Claims widget. To learn more, read Processing Unresolved Claims.
  • You can also click on a claim in the patient’s ledger to open the Claim Detail.