Editing and Resubmitting Claims (2:09)

Most of the time, an insurance claim is sent back due to a lack of information from the provider. When this happens, you need to edit and resubmit the insurance claim. Dentrix Ascend makes the claim resubmission process fast and easy by allowing you to modify and resubmit an unpaid primary or preauthorization claim—regardless of its status.

Watch this video to learn how to edit and resubmit unpaid claims. (Duration: 2:09)

Additional Information

  •  When you remove a procedure from a claim, it becomes “unattached” again. You can assign the procedure to either a new claim or an existing claim with the same service date.
  • Claims that have been paid by the insurance carrier cannot be edited.
  • Changes to the subscriber or payer that occur on the insurance information page are not reflected automatically on a claim. You must click the refresh icon refresh_icon.pngto update the claim.
  • Resubmitting claims requires the Send Insurance Claims security right.
  • To learn more about how to track insurance claims in Dentrix Ascend, read Tracking sent claims.