Setting Up HMO Insurance Plans (3:15)

HMO plans are designed for patients who would like one provider to coordinate their dental care at lower, and more predictable costs. There are several steps to setting up an HMO plan in Dentrix Ascend, but if you take the time to do it then you can get rid of your calculator, because Ascend will take care of all your calculations.

Watch this video to learn how to set up HMO insurance plans in Dentrix Ascend. (Duration: 3:15)

Additional Information

  • TIP: Sometimes different locations have different fee schedules, so when labeling your fee schedules, include the location name so you know which fee schedule to select for the plan.
  • For Dentrix Ascend to calculate the write-off, be sure that your provider or location are marked “in network” with the carrier.
  • If you import a copayment table, be sure all amounts are filled out, even if it is $0.  Procedure codes without a value will be removed from the table.
  • For more information about automatically posting write-off adjustments, read Activating and inactivating automatic contracted write-offs.
  • Watch Updating Fee Schedules from File to learn how to import fees from a CSV file.
  • Watch Importing Copayment Coverage Tables to learn how to import copayment coverage tables.