ERA Enrollment Overview (2:40)

Unlike the time-consuming manual workflows that practices have historically used to reconcile claims, ERAs in Dentrix Ascend make reconciliation processes easier and faster by providing electronic versions of EOB information with new, simpler workflow for approval and payment posting. Before you can start enjoying the advantages of ERAs you must go through an enrollment and registration process with the clearinghouse and each of your in-network carriers.

Watch this video to get an overview of the ERA enrollment process. (Duration: 2:40)

Created September 2023

Additional Information

  • To enroll in ERAs your user role must have the Manage ERA Enrollment
  • Part of selecting enrollment options is designating where to route your ERAs. You can have them return to each respective claim-submitting location, to a central billing office, or to regional billing offices.
  • Before enrolling locations for ERAs you must first establish the path of electronic communication (register with eTrans) by processing at least one electronic claim from each location.
  • Your username for the Dental Connect site is your eTrans User ID, which you will find under Settings > Location Information.
  • For detailed instruction on ERA enrollment, see Enrolling locations in the ERA service for the first time in the Dentrix Ascend Help.

IMPORTANT – On the Dental Connect site you will see an offer to enroll for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Henry Schein One does not offer or support EFTs; any EFT relationship you establish will be with Change Healthcare.

IMPORTANT – If you are already enrolled for ERAs through Change HealthCare and have an existing Dental Connect account through another practice management system, you are welcome to keep using your original account or the one Henry Schein One sends you. If you choose to switch, you will need a Change of ERA Receiver Form. For more information see Transferring your ERA service to Dentrix Ascend.