Migrating Insurance Plans (2:07)

In Dentrix Ascend, you can move insurance plans from one insurance carrier to another. This is for cleaning up your database if you made a mistake during the initial plan set up. It can also be used in conjunction with the merge carrier feature.

Watch this video to learn more about migrating insurance plans. (Duration: 2:07)

Created March 2024 with closed captions

Additional Information

  • Moving insurance plans between carriers requires the Merge Carriers/Migrate Plans security right.
  • Note: A red error icon appears by a plan name if that plan has claims that are associated with an open bulk insurance payment. You must finalize that bulk insurance payment before you can move the plan to another carrier. You can either remove the applicable plans from the list of plans to migrate or cancel the migration so that you can finalize bulk insurance payments as needed and then return to this point in the migration process.
  • To learn more, read Moving insurance plans to another carrier.