Adding Insurance Carriers and Plans (3:21)

Having software that works with insurance companies improves practice efficiency and productivity. From Dentrix Ascend, you have access to a large database of supported payers that is updated regularly for your convenience. You can add any of these supported insurance carriers to your organization’s database. You can also add an insurance carrier that is not currently in the Dentrix Ascend database.

Watch this video to learn how to add an insurance carrier. (Duration: 3:21)

Additional Information

  • The correct way to add a carrier is search and select from the list of supported carriers. If you type or modify the Carrier Name, then it becomes an unsupported insurance carrier.
  • If the payer is not supported, the ID is 06126 (in which case, the clearinghouse will have to print and mail a hard copy of the claim to the payer).
  • Important: Each time you add an insurance carrier or plan, you must go to the Contracted With section of that provider’s user account (or to the Location Information page) and select the check box next to the carrier’s name.
  • To learn more, read Adding insurance carriers.
  • To help you find an insurance carrier when you only know the payer ID, use the Dentrix Payor Search tool.
  • Important: Changing an insurance plan’s coverage table or benefits affects all patients covered by that insurance plan.