Posting Insurance Payments (1:34)

Insurance payments can be entered directly into the patient’s ledger.  If the office has insurance fees entered and are contracted with certain carriers, the insurance payment screen will have the insurance write-offs already calculated, making entering payments a smooth process.  These amounts can always be edited to reflect the Explanation of Benefits. 

Watch this video to learn how to post an insurance payment. (Duration: 1:34)

Updated September 2023

Additional Information

  • Allowed charges simply indicate the insurance fee; if the office is out of network this will show the office fee. 
  • Adjustment automatically calculates the write-off amount, which is the difference between the office fee and the insurance fee. If the office is out of network or no fee schedule is attached to the insurance plan, this will show zero. 
  • Insurance estimates are calculated based on the coverage table. If these amounts are not accurate, you may want to update the patient’s coverage table in the Insurance Information page to reflect the accurate percentages. 
  • Applied is the amount applied to each procedure. Ascend will split the applied amounts based on the calculations and oldest procedure first; however, you can enter the applied amounts manually to reflect what the EOB indicates. 
  • Overpayments by the insurance carrier require special handling. Watch the Insurance Overpayments Workflow for instructions.