Changing a Patient’s Insurance Plan (1:36)

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Patients change insurance plans on almost a yearly basis.  To keep up with frequent change, it is important to know how to quickly change a patient’s insurance plan.

Watch this video to learn how to change a patient’s insurance plan. (Duration: 1:36)

Additional Information

  • Setting the Coverage End date is important because primary coverage dates cannot overlap. A coverage end date must be at least one day before the coverage start date of the new plan.
  • If the plan has outstanding claims and the coverage is ended, the claims will still remain in the patient’s ledger until they are processed with a payment or deleted and recreated to file with the new coverage.
  • If in the plan you select Remove and then Remove again, that will delete the plan from the patient’s record and the plan will not show in the expired plan list.
  • If you search to add the new plan and it does not exist in your database, you will have to option to add it from the search box.