ERA Integration (1:36)

An ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) is a data file you receive electronically from an insurance carrier. The file includes payment information about claims you submitted to it. So? Dentrix Ascend can take that file and directly import that information. An ERA can eliminate the need to manually post payments and adjustments in your practice management system. Who doesn’t want to increase cash flow, reduce time spent on paperwork, and improve data accuracy?

Watch this video to learn more about integrating ERAs into Dentrix Ascend. (Duration: 1:36)

Updated May 2024

Additional Information

  • An ERA is not the same as an electronic funds transfer (EFT), which is not part of the ERA enrollment. At this time, you will still make your deposits outside of Dentrix Ascend.
  • ERAs can be routed to each participating location, to a central billing office, or to regional billing offices, according to the needs of your organization.
  • For instruction on ERA enrollment, see Enrolling locations in the ERA service for the first time in the Dentrix Ascend Help.
  • Posting a payment to a primary claim via ERA automatically creates a secondary claim for patients with multiple coverage.