Processing a Payment Using a Saved Card (1:05)

Dentrix Ascend provides many ways to help your office run more efficiently. One of those ways is allowing you to save a card to file for future visits. Having a card on file relieves stress on both you and the patient. Processing a payment using a saved card means a smoother workflow and the ease of posting directly to the Ledger.

Watch this video to learn how to process a payment using a saved card. (Duration: 1:05)

Created July 2023

Additional Information

  • You must have the Credit Card payment in-office right to save cards and to process payments using saved cards.
  • To learn how to save a card to file, watch Adding a Saved Card.
  • Payments automatically apply to the procedure with the oldest date of service and then to later procedures based on the date. However, you can change the Applied amount for any procedure in the procedure list as needed.
  • Processing a payment using a saved card is part of Dentrix Ascend Pay, and only works as part of that feature. If you are not yet set up with Dentrix Ascend Pay and a WorldPay account, get started by reviewing the Dentrix Ascend Pay Getting Started Guide.