Adding a Saved Card (1:59)

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Saving a patient’s card on file can have benefits both to your practice and to your patients. For your practice, it can streamline the payment process and reduce the risk of non-payment or delinquent accounts. For patients, they don’t need to worry about bringing cash or checks or their HSA or FSA cards. They also don’t have to worry about remembering to pay their bills later. They can simply supply their card information once, and the practice can take care of the rest.

Watch this video to learn how to add a saved card. (Duration: 1:59)

Updated December 2023

Additional Information

  • To edit a card on file, your user role must have the Manage Saved Cards right (Patient Information category). User roles with this right will usually also have the Review Saved Cards right, which grants view-only privileges. You must also have the Credit Card payment in-office right to save cards and to process payments using saved cards.
  • To use the Save Card feature, your practice must have a WorldPay account and be configured to accept credit card payments using Dentrix Ascend Pay. If you have not yet done this, begin with the Dentrix Ascend Pay Getting Started Guide.
  • Your Dentrix Ascend subscription includes Dentrix Ascend Pay, but you must subscribe separately to a WorldPay account to process credit card payments.
  • Card types can include any credit cards your office accepts, plus HSA or FSA cards.
  • To learn how to use a saved card, watch Processing a Payment Using a Saved Card.