Adding an Account Note (0:55)

There are many places to put different types of notes in Dentrix Ascend. The ledger account notes are intended to help your team keep track of other factors that might affect your patient’s ledger account, for example, if a patient has made arrangements to pay for a crown.  An account note can be added to remind the Front Desk of this arrangement.

Watch this video to learn how to add account note to the ledger. (Duration: 0:55)

Additional Information

  • Account notes are not patient-specific unless the patient is the only one on the account. This is a shared note field linked to all the patients that share the same guarantor.
  • When making account notes it is important to note the patient’s name when there are multiple family members, so you know who the note applies to.
  • Inserting dates is important to keep a timeline of when the notes were added.
  • Notes are not secure. They can be edited or deleted at any time.
  • A user only needs to have rights to “Review Ledger” to be able to add or change an account note.