Customizing the Ledger View (2:34)

The ledger’s layout can be customized to meet the workflow of your practice. For example, it can be sorted chronologically (by date); or, it can be sorted by statement, which allows you to view the ledger by date-of-service. And each of these methods can be viewed by guarantor, allowing you to view the ledger for an entire family (or household) all at once. Whatever your preference, you can customize the ledger’s layout to suit your needs.

Watch this video to learn how to customize the ledger view.  (Duration: 2:34)

Additional Information

  • When viewing the Ledger by statement, payments with asterisks (*) indicates that these amounts are being applied to multiple visits (or patients).
  • The ledger’s default layout is “by statement since last zero balance.” However, the last layout viewed will display the next time you open the ledger.
  • When sorting by date, the running balance column will not display, and the “since last zero balance” option will not function.
  • To learn more, read Customizing the ledger view.