Posting Procedures to the Ledger (1:32)

It often happens that you have a patient at the front desk already checked out and then they mention that they need to purchase an additional product like a whitening kit or toothbrush heads. The quickest way to accommodate this situation is to post a procedure directly to the ledger.

Watch this video to learn how to post or edit procedures in the Ledger. (Duration: 1:32)

Additional Information

  • The date will automatically populate to today; however, you do have the ability to back-date a procedure if need be.
  • Procedures cannot be dated in the future.
  • Users must have Ledger rights to post and edit procedures.
  • If you are posting a procedure with a tooth number or surfaces, additional boxes must be completed before the procedure can be saved.
  • Additional procedure information can also be filled out when posting a procedure, such as:
    • Start/Completion Dates
    • Insurance Estimate overrides
    • Diagnostic codes
  • In order to edit or delete a posted procedure, the procedure cannot be locked by the Ledger Rules.