Generating a Day Sheet (2:54)

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You post transactions to the ledger every day. Dentrix Ascend provides a way for you to check these transactions with the Day Sheet. The Day Sheet is helpful to get an estimated net production number in real time as the day progresses and ends. For practices with a daily net production goal for the office, viewing this report provides a guide of “how did we do today” from an operations perspective. For the accounting functions of matching other reports and paying providers, different reports are recommended.

Watch this video to learn how to generate a Day Sheet. (Duration: 2:54)

Updated July 2023

Additional Information

  • Selecting the “Payments Only” option essentially turns the Day Sheet into a receipts only note that it does not change the report format; it only changes the data included in the report.
  • New patients display on the Day Sheet after their first procedures are posted to the Ledger.
  • The Day Sheet is only an estimate of net production because its transactions reflect a time frame that is not complete, due to pending insurance claims that have not yet posted to the ledger.
  • To learn more about the data contained within the Day Sheet, read Understanding the day sheet.