Line-Item Accounting in Dentrix Ascend (4:10)

Line-item accounting is about matching payments to specific procedures rather than posting general payments to an account. This enables you to account for charges and payments on a line-by-line basis. When a patient’s EOB can be matched to individual ledger lines, it makes it easy for your front desk team to answer questions about payments.

Watch this video to get an understanding of line-item accounting in Dentrix Ascend. (Duration: 4:10)

Additional Information

  • Line-item accounting does not allow for family-style accounting (posting all family payments to the guarantor’s account).
  • Line-item accounting allows you to pay providers on treatment that has been both completed and paid, eliminating any need to seek reimbursement if the patient changes their mind after prepayment.
  • Sometimes line-item accounting results in unapplied credits. To learn more about monitoring unapplied credits, read Unapplied Credits Report.