Adding Tags to Payments (1:19)

Has a doctor or an accountant ever asked for a breakdown of payments received by credit cards,  or to identify late payments or prepayments, only to realize that you can’t easily find them? In Dentrix Ascend, such payments are not included in the predefined list of payment types—and for a good reason. For example, if you only need to select a single payment type for a payment, you don’t want to have to wade through a long list of payment types to find what you’re looking for. However, you can use payment tags, which allows you to quickly attach multiple identifiers to basic payment types and thus later quickly find what you are looking for.

Watch this video to learn how to add tags to payments. (Duration: 1:19)

Additional Information

  • Tags that have been added to payments appear next to the search box with an “X” next to them, so you can more easily identify and remove them if you make a mistake or change your mind.
  • Any new tags that you create are available to all Dentrix Ascend users in your organization.
  • To learn how to apply custom payment tags in a report, read Payment Analysis Report.
  • To learn more, read Tagging payments.