Generating a Ledger Report (1:31)

The Ledger report is the ideal report to give patients when they request a report at the end of the year for tax or spending account purposes. The Ledger Report displays procedures, claims payments, and adjustments for a specific patient or a guarantor account for a specified date range. If you want to keep some of the information confidential, the ledger report also gives you the option to view just the procedures only.

Watch this video to learn how to generate a ledger report. (Duration: 1:31)

Created June 2023

Additional Information

  • The Ledger Report will include only the current version of transactions. It will not include transaction history or cancellations.
  • On the report, a balance forward amount will appear for the patient or account’s balance up to the specified date.
  • The Ledger Report does not automatically get added to the Patient Connection.