Reading the Ledger Transaction History (5:02)

Transaction revision history in the Ledger is critical for both internal and external troubleshooting. Revision history lets you see things like modified transactions, deleted transactions and updates to the guarantor portion of a procedure cost. You can hide the revision transaction history when performing normal functions in the ledger. When you turn on transaction history, you can see the information you need in simple dropdowns. Transaction revision history is a great tool that can help you with problem resolution.

Watch this video to learn how to read the ledger transaction history. (Duration: 5:02)

Additional Information

  • Histories can exist for any transaction type.
  • Some changes you can see easily in the line item, but many will require you to open the revision history item for the full snapshot of how the record looked before it was cancelled and replaced with an updated version.
  • You have the option to require entry of a Reason for Revision note. For more information, read Requiring a Reason for Ledger Changes.