Printing the Deposit Slip Report (1:36)

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One of the key components to maintaining a successful dental practice is knowing what money is coming in (accounts receivable) and out (accounts payable) of the practice. One of your essential activities should be running the Deposit Slip Report at the end of every day. The deposit slip report displays totals for each type of payment that includes cash, check, and credit card payments from patients and electronic funds transfers (EFTs) and check payments from insurance carriers. When used along with the Day Sheet Report, office managers are able to reconcile the total money collected based on production and adjustments in the practice that day.

Watch this video to learn how to print the deposit slip report. (Duration: 1:36)

Updated May 2023

Additional Information

  •  Depending on the date range of the report and the number of records that must be checked, it may take several minutes for the report to load. Please be patient. If you leave the page before the report loads, you will have to regenerate the report.
  • To learn more about printing deposit slips, read Viewing and printing deposit slips.