Generating a Walkout Statement (1:35)

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When a patient has had a visit and made a payment, you may want to print them a statement showing them the services rendered as well as their payment which will also serve as a receipt.  There are two ways to accomplish this in Dentrix Ascend.

Watch this video to learn how to generate a walkout statement. (Duration: 1:35)

Additional Information

  • Walkout statements will only show transactions entered with today’s date on the ledger. If you want to see a history of procedures you can go to print statement and choose the beginning date.
  • Walk out statements also show the patient’s next visit at the top, which is a handy reminder for the patient if they’ve scheduled an appointment in the future.
  • If you’d like to include post-op instructions with the walkout statement you can type them into the statement message or copy and paste them from another document; this creates a quick and easy reference for the patient if you have instructions for them after their visit today.
  • To learn more about generating a walkout statement read Checking out patients.