Collecting Payment at Patient Checkout (2:16)

Collecting the patient portion at the time of service helps you reduce the amount of money you have to collect later. It also improves the practice’s cash flow and reduces accounts receivable (A/R). To help you remember to collect that patient payment, Dentrix Ascend provides an automatic reminder in the form of an appointment task. The task is built-in to the patient routing panel.

Watch this video to learn how to collect payment as part of the patient checkout process. (Duration: 2:16)

Additional Information

  • In order for Dentrix Ascend to calculate today’s patient portion, you must first post or complete the procedures performed today.
  • The Collect Payment task does not appear in the routing panel if the patient owes no portion today, or if the patient made a payment today prior to the appointment getting to the Checkout status.
  • To learn more, see Checking out patients.