Entering a Patient Payment (1:46)

Payments can be entered directly into the patient’s ledger.  They can be applied to the individual patient or applied to the guarantor, allowing a payment to be entered for multiple people in a household at one time. Dentrix Ascend has a line-item accounting system which means that every payment needs to be applied to a procedure or debit adjustment.  This will allow you to know exactly where every dollar is applied.  In cases where a patient pays in advance for a procedure, the payment can be saved and becomes an unapplied credit.

Watch this video to learn how to enter a patient payment. (Duration: 1:46)

Additional Information

  • Payments that are not applied will not be counted toward a provider’s collection on the day sheet until the amount is applied.
  • When viewing the ledger in the Statement view you may see the same payment in two different visits with an asterisk (*); this means the payment was applied to more than one visit.
  • In the future if you need to know which procedures a payment has been applied to, you can click the payment and the line-item details show where the payment was applied.
  • To learn more, read Posting patient payments.