Why Dentrix Ascend Posts UCR Fees (2:44)

The production calculations in the Dentrix Ascend Ledger may be different from other systems you were accustomed to. Dentrix Ascend shows you the gross production, all the write-offs, and adjustments considered to reach the net production. Seeing all the numbers that make up the net production amount means that you have:

  • A more accurate representation of your income
  • A transparent way to show how the patient portion is calculated
  • An easy way to evaluate which insurance carriers have the highest write-offs

Watch this video to understand why Dentrix Ascend posts UCR fees. (Duration: 2:44)

Created June 2024

Additional Information

  • Because there may be additional factors affecting the patient and insurance portions, such as coverage exceptions and predeterminations, the net production is always an estimate.
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