Patient Portion Insight (3:22)

Have you ever been challenged by a patient to explain exactly how you calculated their bill? And have you struggled to clarify how the deductible, coverage amount, exceptions, discounts, and adjustments all add up? Dentrix Ascend grants you an inside look at just how the patient portion of a bill is calculated from its many components. No longer will you have to use a calculator or view several screens to help your patient understand what they owe.

Watch this video to learn how to use the summary and detail view of the patient portion of a bill, in the Ledger. (Duration: 3:22)

Additional Information

  • Any amounts underlined are hyperlinked and can be clicked to obtain more information. For example, if you click on “Primary Insurance Portion Remaining” you will see how many benefits remain for the year.
  • When coverage percentage is orange colored, it indicates an exception, for example a downgrade or age limitation.
  • When an insurance portion is orange colored, it warns of a possible error, for example that a claim has not been attached to the procedure.