Posting Charge Adjustments (1:15)

There are many scenarios where you may need to post a charge adjustment to the ledger. It could be that you received notice that a patient’s check was denied and you must correct the account.

Watch this video to learn how to post a charge adjustment to the ledger. (Duration: 1:15)

Additional Information

  • The date will automatically populate to today; however, you do have the ability to backdate an adjustment if need be. You cannot future date adjustments.
  • You can only backdate an adjustment within the ledger rules time frame. Meaning, if your transactions are set to close after 30 days, an adjustment cannot be backdated 31 days.
  • The patient name will automatically populate in the adjustment box if you start on a patient ledger; however, you will need to select the patient if you start in the guarantor view.
  • If you assign a charge adjustment to the guarantor it will only show in the Guarantor view (it will not show in the in the individual patient view even if that patient is the guarantor).
  • If you select Patient Refund, you will have the option to apply the refund to a payment made by the patient.
  • To learn more about adjustment types, see Customizing transaction types.