Creating a Fee Schedule (5:07)

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A fee schedule is a list of prices for specific procedures, services, or products you provide your patients. You will create at least one to represent your office price list, and if you participate in insurance, you will create many fee schedules, each of which will represent carrier in-network rates or maximum allowable fee. You can attach a fee schedule to a provider, to an insurance plan, to a location in your organization, or to a patient as a discount plan.

Watch this video to learn how to create a new fee schedule. (Duration: 5:07)

Updated February 2024

Additional Information

  • Your user role must have the Create Fee Schedule right in order to add fee schedules. There are several rights associated with fee schedules; to learn more, see Security rights list in the Dentrix Ascend Help.
  • Fee schedules are global (available to all locations across your organization), but locations can each have different preferred fee schedules.
  • Providers and insurance carriers can also each have their own preferred fee schedules. However, if you change the fee in a given fee schedule while logged on to any location, not only is the change accessible across the organization, but the procedure code will be updated for the locations that have that fee schedule as their preferred fee schedule.
  • It is helpful to use a naming convention so that others in your organization know what the fee schedule is for.
  • To learn more about fee schedules, read Creating fee schedules.
  • To learn how to import a fee schedule update a fee schedule and replace an existing fee schedule, watch Updating Fee Schedules from File.