Setting Up Provider Working Hours (3:41)

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Rather than forcing your schedulers to memorize the working hours of all your providers–especially if they work in multiple locations–simply define the working hours and locations for each provider in Dentrix Ascend, and automatically keep it all sorted out.

Watch this video to learn how to set up provider working hours. (Duration: 3:41)

Additional Information

  • Working hours for a location can only be edited when that location is selected. That is, you cannot click-and-drag in the other location’s color to make changes.
  • If this provider is scheduled in multiple locations, hover in the thistle-colored area to see the location of those reserved working hours.
  • When you search for openings or view the calendar by provider, Dentrix Ascend automatically filters the provider hours so that only the working hours of the currently selected location are available or visible. Provider hours in other locations are shown as non-working hours.
  • If the locations in which a provider works are in different time zones, the Working Hours table automatically adjusts its frame of reference so that the working hours in the other location overlay the shifted hours in the current location.