Understanding Concurrent Users FAQ (Article)

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What is a concurrent user?

  • A concurrent user is a user that is logged into Dentrix Ascend. You may have many named users created in your Dentrix Ascend organization, but only those who are logged in at the same time are considered concurrent users. Ascend totals concurrent users once per minute for your organization.

How can I monitor my concurrent users? 

Why did I receive the email titled “Dentrix Ascend subscription”?

  • When you purchased Dentrix Ascend you designated a number of concurrent users which matched your practice size. Likely, your team has grown, and your concurrent users have also grown and now exceed your subscription.

My concurrent user subscription total looks wrong, what can I do about it?

  • If you purchased more concurrent users than the email or in-app notification reflects, please contact us at [email protected] or (833) 471-7253 Option 1, then Option 2.

My peak usage is higher than I expected, what can I do about it?

  • Make sure employees only have one user account each.
  • Employees should log out, close the Ascend tab or window in Chrome, when they are not using Ascend.
  • User accounts that you create for 3rd parties count as a concurrent user when logged in
  • Generic user accounts such as pano room or operatory accounts are not recommended for security and audit reasons. We recommend your team members login with their distinct user account. If you choose to use these generic accounts they will count as a concurrent user when logged in.
  • FYI – Dentrix Ascend will only allow a user account to be logged into one computer at a time.

I have a question not listed above, who can I contact?