Payment and Adjustment Tagging (3:05)

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Has your doctor or accountant ever asked for a breakdown of payments received by credit card? Or, have they asked you to identify late payments, prepayments, or a summary of charitable write-offs? With payment and adjustment tags, you can quickly attach one or more “identifiers” to basic transaction types, so you can more easily identify them when you generate Day Sheet and/or Payment Analysis reports.

Watch this video to learn how payment and adjustment tagging work in Dentrix Ascend. (Duration: 3:05)

Additional Information

  • Any new tags that you create become available to all users in your organization.
  • Tag names cannot be deleted; therefore, always check for duplicates before creating new tags.
  • You must have the Manager Ledger Options right in order to define tag rules.
  • A transaction Edit dialog box can be used to turn off (hide) any transaction type.
  • If you turn on tag restriction rules but don’t define any mandatory or optional tags, this prevents any tag from being applied to the transaction type.
  • When you invoke new rules on a previously active transaction type, and if you open an old transaction, the new rules will be enforced before you can exit the transaction.