Generating the Clinical Note Tasks Report (3:21)

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The Clinical Note Tasks Report helps office managers and dental practice administrators see any outstanding clinical note tasks for all providers in each location so they can ensure compliance with dental regulations. For each provider, the report displays the number of applicable clinical notes broken down by status (Unsigned, Not Entered, and In Progress) and then totaled.

Watch this video to learn how to generate the Clinical Note Tasks Report. (Duration: 3:21)

Created June 2023

Additional Information

  • To view the Clinical Notes Task Report, your user role must be granted the Clinical Note Tasks Report right in the Reports security category. By default, this right is granted to the Administrator role.
  • Note: You can only see search results for the locations that you have been granted rights to access.
  • If you are a Provider, we recommend using the Clinical Note Task widget on the home page to complete any unsigned, not entered, or in Progress clinical notes.
  • If you are a dental assistant that has been tasked with entering notes on behalf of a provider, the Clinical Notes Tasks Report could serve as a method for you to review and enter clinical notes since you will not be able to access the provider’s Clinical Note Task widget on the Provider’s Home page. However, the provider will still need to review and sign the clinical notes.