Using Dentrix Ascend on an iPad (5:51)

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Dentrix Ascend is a cloud-based application, so it is accessible from anywhere you have internet access, which includes the ability to access your practice data on an iPad. Working with Dentrix Ascend on an iPad offers you the convenience and portability you need to take care of your patients. Although some features may look a little different on an iPad, you can perform most of the same work functions that you would on a desktop computer or laptop.

Watch this video to learn how to use Dentrix Ascend on an iPad. (Duration: 5:51)

Additional Information

  • We recommend keeping your iPad updated with the most recent iPadOS version. Devices running older versions may not work or may have limited functionality.
  • We also recommend using the Chrome for iOS browser when using an iPad; however, if you want to take intraoral facial images you must use the Safari browser. For more information on how to take intraoral or patient photos, watch Acquiring Intraoral and Facial Images Using an iPad.
  • To print a document using an iPad, tap share1.png , share2.png , or share3.png depending on the app you’re using, then tap Print. Swipe up in the list to see additional options if you don’t see “Print ” to see the additional options in the list.
  • To learn more about iPad set up, read System Requirements.
  • To learn about registering an iPad to use as a kiosk for online patient forms, read Registering kiosk devices.

Features that cannot be used on an iPad

  • Acquiring x-rays
    • Digital sensors cannot be used on an iPad to acquire images in imaging.
  • Using Voice Perio.
    • Voice Perio cannot be used on an iPad since it requires a browser extension, which is not supported by browsers on mobile devices.
  • Viewing appointment icon messages/alerts on the Calendar.
    • The hover effect does not work on the Calendar when you are using an iPad. You will not be able to hover over the appointment icons to view icons messages or alerts, Instead, you can open the Patient appointment panel to view any messages or alerts.
  • Pinning the routing panel.
    • Due to the reduced screen size, you will not be able to pin the routing panel. As a result, when you open the routing panel, part of the main screen will be hidden. To view the entire screen again, you will need to close the routing panel.