Assigning a Fee Schedule (5:23)

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After you create a fee schedule, the next thing you’ll need to do is assign the fee schedule in Dentrix Ascend, depending on how you run your dental practice. You can assign the fee schedule to a provider, to an insurance plan, to a location in your organization, or to a patient as a discount plan.

Watch this video to learn how to assign fee schedules. (Duration: 5:23)

Updated February 2024 with closed captions

Additional Information

  • Your role must have the Edit Fee Schedules right in order to assign fee schedules.
  • To verify whether your organization bills by location or by provider, verify your location’s setup on the Insurance Defaults page.
  • When a patient participates in an in-house Discount Plan program, the discount only applies the adjustment to procedures if the fee schedule has already been assigned (before procedures are posted). It will NOT post adjustments retroactively. 
  • To learn how billing setup and assigning fee schedules affect treatment plans, watch 5 Steps to Getting Patient Portion Estimates You Can Trust (Sept 2022)
  • To learn how to create a fee schedule, watch Creating a Fee Schedule.
  • To learn more about offering an alternative to PPO insurance, see How to Use an In-House Benefits Plan with Dentrix Ascend.