Roles and Rights Overview (4:38)

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Dentrix Ascend uses the Role Based Access Control (RBAC) model to give users—your team members—the right to perform selected tasks within the platform. As an administrator, you create roles for various job functions in your organization. Each role has permissions or rights, for example to simply see, or to edit, or delete patient information or configuration information. Team members acquire the rights they need to perform their tasks when you assign them to a role.

Watch this video to learn more about rights and roles in Dentrix Ascend. (Duration: 4:38)

Additional Information

  • User roles are global (available to all locations across your organization).
  • Your organization’s business owners, doctors, and office managers should be the only ones who have administrative security roles.
  • At least one user must have the Edit User and Create/Update Role rights in each location of your organization; that is, at least one user in each location must be assigned a role with the Edit User right enabled, and at least one user in each location must be assigned a role with the Create/Update Role right enabled.
  • To see a list of users assigned to a given role, click the Assigned to link in that role’s Assigned Access Rights page.
  • To learn how to add a new user account, see Creating user accounts.