Updating Patient Relationships (1:13)

Dentrix Ascend identifies related patients as either a contact person or a guarantor. And each patient (or non-patient) is a separate entity; however, you can “tie” them to each other, but only loosely. The concept of “household” refers to a group of patients who share the same primary contact. Maintaining patient relationships, therefore, means updating a patient’s contact or guarantor information.

Watch this video to learn how to update patient relationships. (Duration: 1:13)

Additional Information

  • To assign any person as a contact person or guarantor—including non-patients—he or she must first exist in your practice’s database.
  • Assigning a patient a guarantor does not automatically attach the guarantor’s insurance to the patient. You must go to the patient’s Insurance Information page and add the insurance plan, with the guarantor as the subscriber.
  • To learn more, read Updating patient information.