Updating Patient Preferences (1:46)

Patients give us so much information about their schedules and preferences when we are talking to them while trying to make their next appointment. Wouldn’t it be nice to note that this patient prefers Monday and Wednesday mornings and would like a text message? Dentrix Ascend allows you to record these patient preferences and more.

Watch this video to learn how to update your patient’s preferences. (Duration: 1:46)

Additional Information 

  • Patients whose records have Spanish, French, or Italian as their preferred language will see questionnaires (i.e., Medical History form, Dental History form) in their respective language. All other patients will see questionnaires in English.
  • Be aware that a patient with the preference of Location A will not show up in a search for patients in Location B if your team member does not have access to Location A.
  • For more information watch Filtered Patient Lookup.