Adding a New Patient Record (4:40)

One of the most fundamental task you do is adding a new patient record, and Dentrix Ascend makes the process easy. When adding a patient record, Dentrix Ascend automatically searches existing patients to help prevent you from adding a duplicate record for a patient that is already in your database.

Watch this video to learn how to add a new patient record. (Duration: 4:40)

Additional Information

  • If the new patient comes to your practice having already used some of their insurance benefits or if they have already met their deductible, that information can be manually input when the patient is attached to their insurance plan. For more information, see Updating a patient’s met deductibles and used benefits.
  • If your office uses an in-house discount plan you may attach the fee schedule when adding a new patient record. This will cause the Ledger to calculate a discount based on the fee schedule attached. For more information, see Working with discount plans.
  • To learn more about setting up patient insurance, watch Attaching a Patient to Insurance.
  • To learn more about setting up medical alerts, watch Managing Patient Medical Alerts.
  • To learn more about setting up a new patient account, read Adding patient records.