Entering Patient Notes and Notifications (1:42)

Patient notes help keep track of personal information about the patient that doesn’t belong in more specific areas. You might include information about hobbies, preferences, family situations, etc. Patient notifications are meant to notify you of circumstances concerning your patients where a lack of information can lead to awkward or unpleasant situations. Set up notifications to remind you of the most important information where you need to see it.

Watch this video to learn how to enter patient notes and notifications. (Duration: 1:42)

Additional Information

  • Each individual note is limited to 5,000 characters (hundreds of words).
  • The date cannot be edited; a note will always use today’s date when you enter it. If you need to enter a note from a previous date, simply type that date into the note.
  • If you close one specific notification you will still see other notifications for that patient.
  • To learn more, read Adding patient notes.