Sending Online Forms to a Patient (0:56)

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Online patient forms provide a streamlined process for updating patients’ medical history and insurance information. The link to fill out forms electronically can be texted or emailed to a patient. If a patient arrives for an appointment and his or her forms have not been filled out, you can send them their forms via email or text right then and there.

Watch this video to learn how to send online form links to individual patients. (Duration: 0:56)

Additional Information

  • Once a patient fills out a form, it immediately appears in the Patient Forms section of the patient Overview
  • You cannot send a form to a patient unless it is due. You would have to change the expiration setting in order to require that form be filled out again. For more information on this aspect, read Changing the due dates of patient forms.
  • To learn more, read Requesting patient forms.