Defining the Primary Contact and Primary Guarantor (1:38)

There are two essential patient contacts that Dentrix Ascend must have for it to function as a practice management system. The first is the patient’s primary contact and the second is the patient’s primary guarantor. Without these two contacts defined, Ascend cannot send out appointment notices or billing statements.

Watch this video to learn how to define a patient’s primary contact and primary guarantor. (Duration: 1:38)

Additional Information

  • Persons defined as primary contacts or guarantors can be non-patients; however, they must exist in your database before you can assign patients to them.
  • Ascend also allows you to add secondary contacts and guarantors. However, these contacts are for your information only, as Ascend does not automatically communicate with secondary contacts or guarantors.
  • Defining a patient’s guarantor does not automatically assign insurance to the patient. To learn more, watch Attaching Insurance to a Patient.