Understanding Relationships in Dentrix Ascend (4:44)

Dentrix Ascend stores patient records on an individual basis, meaning there are no family or household groups. Every patient, however, has two key relationships: the primary contact—the person who gets the appointment reminders—and the primary guarantor—the person who gets the billing statement. While it is most common that the contact and the guarantor are family members, Ascend can easily accommodate many different household situations.

Watch this video to understand how patient relationships work in Dentrix Ascend. (Duration: 4:44)

Additional Information

  • If the primary contact is someone other than the current patient (not “Self”), the name and preferred contact method of the patient’s primary contact appear on the patient information ribbon.
  • In Dentrix Ascend, any documentation or educational content that talks about patient contact information actually refers to the information of the patient’s primary contact.
  • Assigning a guarantor to a patient does not automatically attach the guarantor’s insurance to the patient. When the guarantor is also the subscriber, you must go to the patient’s Insurance Information page and add the insurance plan.
  • For additional learning, watch Adding a New Household.