Recording Patient Referrals (1:04)

Patients will often refer their friends and family members to your practice, and Dentrix Ascend lets you record these referrals—as part of your patients’ records. Then you can thank your patients, or perhaps reward them, for their referrals. Also, you can monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by the referrals you record.

Watch this video to learn how to record patient referrals. (Duration: 1:04)

Additional Information

  • Only one referral source can be assigned to a patient, but a patient can be the referral source for many other patients.
  • Dentrix Ascend can generate a Referral Analysis report from the Home menu; or, you can build custom reports by using “Production by Referral Source” or “Production by Referring Patient” in the Power Reporting section.
  • To learn more, read Adding patient records.