Viewing Completed Patient Forms (1:22)

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If you have enabled your patient forms, patients can now fill out many forms online. Online forms get stored in and can be viewed in the patient Document Manager. Dentrix Ascend provides a shortcut widget to help you preview these and compare the latest version with the previous version.

Watch this video to learn how to view and compare your patient forms. (Duration: 1:22)

Additional Information

  • Forms automatically populate limited demographic information. When the patient initially fills out a form their Name, Gender and Birthdate will fill in. All other information must be entered manually.
  • The next time a patient fills out the form all the completed fields from the previous form will fill in. Note this pulls the information from the last form that the patient completed, not any information you may have updated in Ascend.
  • Form comparison data is from the past form selected and the current form. For example, if your patient filled out a dental history on 1/1/19, 6/1/19 and 9/13/19, the comparison will be between one of the earlier forms and 9/13/18.