Processing Recurring Payments using Dentrix Ascend Pay (2:30)

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Suppose your practice extends credit to patients through an in-house payment plan. In that case, Dentrix Ascend Pay can help you implement a successful recurring payment program using your patient’s saved credit card information. The front office will enjoy saving time on billing and administrative tasks, and patients will also enjoy the convenience, which can contribute to a positive patient experience and strengthen patient loyalty.

Watch this video to learn how to process recurring payments using Dentrix Ascend Pay. (Duration: 2:30) 

Created January 2024 with closed captions

Additional Information

  • Dentrix Ascend Pay is included with your subscription. You must, however, separately obtain a merchant service account with our partner, WorldPay, to process credit card payments. To get started, visit the Dentrix Ascend Pay Getting Started Guide
  • For instructions on creating a payment plan that includes a saved card, see Creating payment plans.
  • The first person to open the Payment Processing tab locks it. Only one person can process payments at a time. There is a timer on the first person; the lock comes off when the first user is inactive on the page for more than 15 minutes. A second person could then take over and relock the tab.