Automated Insurance Eligibility (2:52)

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Insurance eligibility verification can add administrative cost to your business, but it’s a necessary expense that can reduce claim denials and A/R days. Verification activities can be labor-intensive; however, when the process is automated, your office can save both time and money. Time, because eligibilities can be verified without worrying about time zones and business hours, and money, by eliminating hours of phone calls and web searches.

Watch this video to learn how automated insurance eligibility works in Dentrix Ascend. (Duration: 2:52)

Additional Information

  • Automation can often identify human errors. For example, if the response states that the patient is not eligible, you can check for errors in their name, birth date, subscriber ID (e.g., transposed digits), etc., before the patient arrives for their appointment.
  • Automation can identify changes in a patient’s insurance, as patients sometimes forget to tell you about the change.
  • A specific carrier’s ability to support automated eligibility can be seen in both the carrier record (the Insurance Carrier page) and in the Insurance Eligibility
  • For a current list of insurance carriers that are supported by Ascend’s automated eligibility verification, see Eligibility Payer List.