Processing Unsent Claims (1:07)

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It is not always possible to send claims immediately as you are checking a patient out.  Sometimes the phone rings or another patient needs to be checked in.  For all those claims that have not been sent there is one spot to go to in Ascend to follow up on unsent claims.

Watch this video to learn how to process unsent claims. (Duration: 1:07)

Additional Information

  • The numbers on the Unsent Claims widget represent the total amount of the claims waiting to be sent. It is not the estimated amount that you expect to receive.
  • Dentrix Ascend processes claims Monday through Friday every four hours starting at 5:00 a.m. Mountain Time. After a claim has been processed its status automatically changes to Sent.
  • You can also access the claim detail by clicking Patient Walkout in the patient ledger, selecting the Send Claims tab, and then clicking on the claim.
  • If procedures need to be edited, the claim must be deleted, the procedures edited in the ledger, and then the claim must be recreated.
  • You can edit and resubmit a claim in the Queued status without fear of creating a duplicate claim.