3 Keys to Effectively Communicate with Your Patients Using Dentrix Ascend Webinar (June 2022)

Using native tools in Dentrix Ascend, you can craft customized messages to be sent at key points in a patient’s journey. Need to remind a patient of an upcoming appointment or an outstanding balance? Want to invite a patient to schedule their recare online? Ascend is here to automate these tasks, leaving you more time to spend with patients. And anytime you need to quickly communicate outside of the established touchpoints, feel free to text back and forth with patients right from within Ascend. You can be thoughtful about your patient communications without spending a bunch of time on manual tasks.   

Watch this webinar to learn how to maximize your use of 3 key patient communication features in Ascend. 

Click any of the following links to jump to the corresponding time in the video:

  • Key 1: Appointment and Recare Reminders (0:47) Schedule
    automated email and text
    messages to go out to patients for appointments and recare.
  • Key 2: Custom eStatements (18:20) Customize
    your eStatements by adding a
    personalized message to the patient communication.
  • Key 3: Two-Way Text Messaging (27:17) Send
    and reply to text messages from
    primary contacts right from within Dentrix Ascend.
  • Creative Uses of Patient Communication Tools (37:54)Discover
    out-of-the box uses for the
    built-in patient communication tools in Dentrix Ascend.
  • Q&A (43:24)

Duration: 54:20

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