Improve Efficiency and Consistency with Clinical Note Templates in Dentrix Ascend Webinar (May 2022)

Keeping comprehensive and accurate records is vital for every dental practice. Dentrix Ascend comes with a default list of clinical note templates to help increase the speed, accuracy, consistency, and repeatability of creating clinical notes. You can build on this foundation by creating a set of templates that reflect your practice’s standards of good record keeping.

Watch this webinar to learn the basics of customizing clinical notes templates and see some creative applications of templates to spark your imagination about what you can do in your dental practice.  

Click any of the following links to jump to the corresponding time in the video:

  • Introduction to Clinical Note Templates (2:53) Review
    the importance of clinical notes and the benefits of using clinical note
  • Customizing Clinical Note Templates (11:15) Learn
    to edit existing templates and create your own to meet your practice’s needs.
  • Customizing Quick-Picks (22:22) Find
    out how to customize existing quick-picks and create new ones for your practice.
  • Creative Examples of Clinical Note Templates (31:04)
    See four examples of how to use clinical note templates in creative ways.
  • Distributing Custom Templates (37:45) Learn
    how to share custom clinical note templates between multiple organizations.
  • Clinical Note Tips (42:22) Discover
    a few additional Clinical Note tips. 
  • Q&A (44:44)

Duration: 50:25

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